§16-132-2 - Annual fee from existing cable operator.

§16-132-2 Annual fee from existing cable operator.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (c), the annual fee for each cable operator shall be one per cent of the income received from subscribers for cable services rendered during the preceding calendar year.

(b) The annual fee shall be paid by the cable operator to the department on the last day of January of each year.

(c) The director may increase or decrease the amount of the annual fee by decision and order if the director determines that the existing annual fee is insufficient or exceeds the amount necessary, as the case may be, to cover the costs of administering chapter 440G, HRS.

(d) For the purposes of this section, "income received from subscribers for cable services" means revenues derived from the supplying of regular subscriber service and includes installation fees, disconnect and reconnect fees and fees for regular cable benefits. It does not include per-program or per-channel charges, leased channel revenues, advertising revenues and other income derived from the system.

        [Eff 6/22/81; am and comp 12/14/87; am and comp 7/28/88; am and comp 9/30/05] (Auth: HRS §440G-12) (Imp: HRS §440G-15)

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