§16-14-3 - Information unknown or unavailable.

§16-14-3 Information unknown or unavailable.

         If the person filing cannot practically furnish any required information, document, or report at the required time, the person shall file with the commissioner a separate document:

(1) Identifying the information, document, or report in question;
(2) Stating why filing at the required time is impractical; and
(3) Requesting an extension of time for filing the information, document, or report to a specified date.

         The request for an extension shall be deemed granted unless the commissioner enters an order denying the request within thirty days after receipt of the request.

        [Eff 3/14/94; am and comp 10/15/16] (Auth: HRS §§431:2-201, 431:11-109) (Imp: HRS §§431:11-104, 431:11-105, 431:11-106)

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