§16-14-6 - Annual registration.

§16-14-6 Annual registration.

         (a) An insurer required to file an annual registration statement pursuant to section 431 :11-105, HRS, shall furnish the required information utilizing Form B and Form C.

         (b) An amendment to Form B shall be filed within fifteen days after the end of any month in which there is a material change to the information provided in the annual registration statement.

         (c) Amendments to Form B shall be filed in the Form B format, but only those items which are being amended shall be reported. Each amendment shall include at the top of the cover page "Amendment No. ___ to Form B for (insert year)" and shall indicate the date of the change and not the date of the original filing.

         (d) Any authorized insurer may file a registration statement on behalf of any affiliated insurer or insurers which are required to register under section 431:11-105, HRS. A registration statement may include information regarding any insurer in the holding company system even if the insurer is not authorized to do business in this State. In lieu of filing a registration statement on Form B, the authorized insurer may file a copy of the registration statement or similar report which it is required to file in its state of domicile, provided that:

(1) The statement or report contains substantially the same information required to be furnished on Form B; and
(2) The filing insurer is the principal insurance company in the insurance holding company system and the filing contains a brief statement of facts which will substantiate the filing insurer's claim that it is the principal insurer in the insurance holding company system.

         (e) With the prior approval of the commissioner, an unauthorized insurer may follow any of the procedures permitted under subsection (d).

         (f) Any insurer may make filings pursuant to section 431:11-105(h) and (i), HRS, without obtaining the prior approval of the commissioner. The commissioner, however, may require individual filings if the commissioner deems individual filings necessary in the interest of clarity, ease of administration, or the public good.

        [Eff 3/14/94; am and comp 10/15/16] (Auth: HRS §§431:2-201, 431:11-109) (Imp: HRS §431:11-105)

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