§17-1601-12 - Dissemination of material.

§17-1601-12 Dissemination of material.

All material sent or distributed to applicants or recipients of services provided by the branch, including material enclosed in envelopes containing checks, shall be limited to the administration of social services programs.

(1) Mailing or distribution of holiday greetings, general public announcements, voting information, and alien registration notices shall be prohibited.

(2) Material that may be of benefit to the health and welfare of applicants and recipients, such as announcements of free medical exams, availability of services or resources, notices to foster parents, and consumer protection information may be mailed or distributed.

(3) Only the names of the persons directly connected with the administration of the social services program and identified in an official capacity with the department shall be contained in material sent or distributed to applicants, recipients, and providers.

        [Eff DEC 09 2004 ] (Auth: HRS §§346-10, 346-14; 45 C.F.R. §205.50) (Imp: HRS §§346-10, 346-14; 45 C.F.R. §205.50)

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