§17-3-3 - Contents of petition for rule relief.

§17-3-3 Contents of petition for rule relief.

(a) The petition for rule relief shall set forth the text of the:

(1) Rule to be repealed; and

(2) Proposed rule sought to be adopted; or

(3) Existing rule sought to be amended together with the proposed amendment.

(b) The petition shall also state the facts and circumstances giving rise to the petition, including:

(1) Petitioner's interest and reasons for filing the petition;

(2) The necessity for rule relief;

(3) Anticipated effects or impacts of rule relief;

(4) Questions or issues raised by the rule relief; and

(5) Petitioner's position or contentions with respect to questions or issues raised.

        [Eff 6/4/84; comp April 13, 1995 ] (Auth: HRS §§91-6, 346-14, 348-3) (Imp: HRS §§91-6, 346-14, 348-3)

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