§17-402-15 - Social group work

§17-402-15 Social group work.

(a) Social group, work services shall be provided when necessary to blind and visually-handicapped persons in the rehabilitation center for the purpose of affecting client changes through the group process in client/ family interpersonal relationships, personal and social attitudes towards blindness and vocational outlook, promoting increased social adjustment, and preventing social isolation. (See §17-401-17).. .

(b) Areas of services shall include the following:

(1) Group counseling session: provide opportunity for interaction of clients to facilitate the improvement of attitude towards self and others;

(2) Group activities: socials and others to help clients participate in planning and carrying out activities to develop interpersonal relations, social skills and confidence within themselves;

(3) Interest classes: ukulele, dancing, bowling, and other classes to encourage resumption of former hobbies and to develop new interests;

(4) Educational programs and field trips: stimulate and encourage interest in community services and activities ; and

(5) Branch socials and other programs for the blind and visually-handicapped persons, family and friends.

(c) Each client shall have an evaluation to include social adjustment needs, interests and potential capabilities, and on the basis of this evaluation an individualized program of objectives and activities shall be jointly designed to meet specific needs and interests.

(d) Counseling shall be provided to the client and family members to maximize successful achievement of objectives.

(e) Clients shall be assisted and encouraged to enter into community social and recreational programs.

(f) A case folder shall be maintained for each client receiving services which shall include referral information, evaluation and progress reports, and individualized written program form.

(g) Consultation and technical assistance shall be provided to agency staff and other organizational staff who work with the blind.

        [Eff. November 5, 1981 ] (Auth: HRS §347-3) (Imp: HRS §347-3)

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