§17-654-2 - Definitions.

§17-654-2 Definitions.

         For the purpose of this chapter:

         "Eligible household" means persons receiving financial assistance payments, or supplemental security income benefits.

         "Hawaii joint underwriting plan servicing carriers" means insurance companies appointed by the insurance commissioner to provide no-fault auto insurance to eligible financial assistance or supplemental security income recipients.

         "Registered owner" means any person in whose name the vehicle is registered.

         "Valid driver's license" means a current license issued by the State or local office authorized to license individuals for the operation of motor vehicles.

         "Vehicle" means any car, truck, or van which requires a driver's license to operate.

        [Eff 7/19/82; am and comp 3/19/93; am 8/1/94; am 1/17/08 ] (Auth: HRS §346-14) (Imp: HRS §431:10C-407)

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