§17-654-3 - Eligibility for Hawaii no-fault auto insurance.

§17-654-3 Eligibility for Hawaii no-fault auto insurance.

         An individual is eligible for Hawaii no-fault auto insurance at no cost if:

         (1) The individual is receiving public assistance benefits consisting of direct cash payments, is receiving benefits from the supplemental security income program under the Social Security Administration, or the individual received public assistance benefits in the form of medical services prior to July 1, 1994 and is still receiving the benefits through the department of human services;

         (2) The individual possesses a valid driver's license or is an unlicensed permanently disabled individual who is unable to operate the individual's own vehicle; and

         (3) The individual is the sole registered owner of the vehicle.

        [Eff 7/19/82; am 10/20/82; comp 3/19/93; am 8/1/94; am 1/17/08 ] (Auth: HRS §346-14) (Imp: HRS §431:10C-407)

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