§17-654-7 - Termination of Hawaii no-fault auto insurance.

§17-654-7 Termination of Hawaii no-fault auto insurance.

         (a) The individual shall receive a written notice of prospective cancellation or nonrenewal not less than thirty calendar days prior to the effective date of the cancellation or nonrenewal. The insurer shall continue all motor vehicle insurance and optional additional coverages in force for thirty days following the mailing of the notice.

         (b) The individual shall inform the Hawaii joint underwriting plan servicing carriers upon termination, for any reason, of eligibility for no-fault auto insurance at no cost.

        [Eff 7/19/82; am 9/29/86; am and comp 3/19/93; am 1/17/08 ] (auth: HRS §346-14) (Imp: HRS §431:10C-407)

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