§17-658-6 - Essential persons.

§17-658-6 Essential persons.

(a) An individual who is designated by a state AABD applicant or recipient as being essential to the applicant's or recipient's well-being may be considered eligible to be included in the assistance unit as an essential person. The name of the designated essential person shall be included on the application of the state AABD individual with the understanding that financial need shall be determined on the basis of a family unit rather than a single individual.

(b) The essential person must meet the following requirements:

(1) The person must be living with the individual eligible for state AABD by whom the person was designated as essential;

(2) The person must be an adult living with the eligible adult in a relationship in which

both adults consider and represent one another as married persons to relatives, friends, neighbors, or trades people; and (3) The essential person may not be the legally married spouse.

        [Eff 3/19/93; am and comp 8/1/94; am 9/26/97; am 5/31/02 ] (Auth: HRS §346-14) (Imp: HRS §346-14)

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