§17-683-53 - General.

§17-683-53 General.

(a) A claim is an amount owed because of:

(1) Benefits that are overpaid or

(2) Benefits that are trafficked. Trafficking means:

(A) The buying or selling of coupons, ATP cards or other benefit instruments for cash or consideration other than eligible food; or

(B) The exchange of firearms, ammunition, explosives, or controlled substances, as defined in section 802 of title 21, United States Code, for coupons.

(b) This claim is a Federal debt subject to these and other regulations governing Federal debts. The branch must establish and collect any claim by following these regulations.

(c) The following are responsible for paying a claim:

(1) Each person who was an adult member of the household when the overpayment or trafficking occurred;

(2) A sponsor of an alien household member if the sponsor is at fault; or

(3) A person connected to the household, such as an authorized representative, who actually trafficks or otherwise causes an overpayment or trafficking.

        [Eff and comp 11/19/05]

(Auth: HRS §346-14) (Imp: 7 C.F.R. §273.18(a)(1) and (4))

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