Sec. 19-104-14 - Movement of oversized vehicles, vehicle combinations and load.

Sec. 19-104-14 Movement of oversized vehicles, vehicle combinations and load.

(a) Should one or more dimension of an object or article to be moved exceed the legal limitations, or should the weight be greater than the legal limitations, each item will be considered separately, and the most restrictive - operational conditions that may be imposed as the result of overdimension or overweight shall be made a part of the permit.

(b) The maximum legal dimensions for the movement of vehicles and loads are:

(1) Width 9 feet

(2) Height 13 feet 6 inches

(3) Length:

(A) Single vehicle 40 feet

(B) Truck-tractor and semi-trailer 58 feet

(c) Truck and full trailer 65 feet

(D) Truck-tractor with semi-trailer and full trailer 65 feet

(E) Truck-tractor and semi-trailer used for agricultural purposes 65 feet, provided the semi-trailer shall not exceed 45 feet.

(F) Articulated buses for public transit purposes 65 feet

(G) Projections:

(i) Beyond extremity of vehicle 4 feet or less, horizontally

(ii) Beyond the front tires and above the roadway surface 7 feet or greater and not more than 13 feet 6 inches vertically.

(c) An escort vehicle shall be required for horizontal projection greater than 4 feet.

(d) Limitations upon length shall not apply to vehicles transporting pipe, poles, timbers, reinforcing steel or other objects of a structural nature which cannot be readily dismembered; provided that when transported at night every such vehicle shall be equipped with a sufficient number of clearance lamps on both sides of any projecting load to clearly mark the dimensions of the load.

(e) No combination of motor vehicles or other power vehicles coupled together shall consist of more than two units. A truck-tractor and one semi-trailer shall be regarded as a single unit when determining the number of units in a combination.

         [Eff MAY 30 1981 (Auth: HRS Sec. 291-36) (Imp: HRS Sec. 291-36)

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