Sec. 19-104-18 - Projection.

Sec. 19-104-18 Projection.

(a) Horizontal projections extending 4 feet beyond the extremity of the vehicle are prohibited, and if the projection extends beyond 4 feet, escort vehicles shall accompany the move.

(b) A permit for front projection, less than 7 feet above the roadway surface, may be issued if it is proven to the satisfaction of the department that undue hazards shall not be created.

(c) This provision shall not apply to vehicles transporting pipe, poles, timbers, reinforcing steel or other objects of a structural nature which cannot readily be dismembered. However, the projecting load shall be clearly marked as required by state and county rules, laws and ordinances.

         [Eff MAY 30 1981 (Auth: HRS Sec. 291-36) (Imp: HRS Sec. 291-36)

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