Sec. 19-104-24 - Emergency moves.

Sec. 19-104-24 Emergency moves.

(a) The chief of the highways division or the district engineer may authorize emergency moves of vehicles, vehicle combinations, or loads which exceed the maximum legal dimension and weight limitations in a disaster area without a written permit.

(b) For the purpose of this provision, an emergency shall include floods, fire, earthquakes, tsunami and other disasters which cause or threaten loss of life or destruction or damage to property of such magnitude as to seriously endanger the public health, safety, and welfare, or which causes or threatens destruction or major damages to the highway system. Economic factors such as the savings of time or expense in moving over the highway are never considered emergencies.

(c) Requests for emergency moves shall be considered carefully by the district engineer and permitted only where it is absolutely clear that an emergency endangering human lives, health, safety, welfare or property actually exists.

(d) Emergency moves may be authorized when disaster is apparent; during the disaster period; and in the initial stages of recovery. Following the emergency, when immediate threat to life or property is terminated, the vehicles, vehicle combinations, or loads must be moved from the disaster area under permit authority.

(e) Pertinent details of emergency moves shall be recorded by memorandum and filed.

         [Eff MAY 30 1981 (Auth: HRS Sec. 291-36) (Imp: HRS Sec. 291-36)

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