Sec. 19-104-29 - Flagman.

Sec. 19-104-29 Flagman.

(a) A flagman shall accompany the driver when it is made a condition under the special permit (a motorcycle police escort may be used in lieu of a flagman)- At least one flagman shall accompany each move for which a flagman is stipulated in a permit.

(b) The flagman shall dismount and direct traffic at all locations where traffic may be obstructed, or when it is necessary to infringe on the opposite bound traffic lane due to breakdown, pulling on or off the pavement, or other causes. The flagman shall warn traffic of the approaching vehicle at danger points such as at narrow bridges, sharp curves and intersections.

(c) The flagman shall be equipped with a red flag 24 by 24 inches in size mounted on a staff 3 feet in legngth and shall wear a bright orange safety vest.

         [Eff MAY 30 1981 (Auth: HRS Sec. 291-36) (Imp: HRS Sec. 291-36)

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