Sec. 19-104-7 - Submitting applications.

Sec. 19-104-7 Submitting applications.

(a) The application shall be filed with the district engineer, highways division, department of transportation, of the district in which the movement is proposed. Each applicant shall plan ahead and submit applications

sufficiently in advance of the movement date to allow time for processing the application (which requires a minimum of 3 weeks when a review by other branches in the division is required) and issuing the permit.

(b) Together with the application, the applicant may be required to:

(1) Show that the vehicle, combination of vehicles and load have been reduced to the maximum extent that is reasonably practicable except when carrying products from the place where they are harvested or stored to the place where they are processed or used;

(2) Meet all operating, licensing and financial responsibility requirements;

(3) Attach a county building permit to any building that is to be moved;

(4) Submit proof of inspection by an authorized inspection station for the vehicle or combination of vehicles; and

(5) Submit proof that the person signing the application is authorized to sign on behalf of the person, firm or corporation when the application is made on behalf of a firm or corporation,

(c) Should the need arise to transfer or move an oversize or overweight equipment due to an operational emergency such as breakdown of existing equipment or weather conditions, the applicant may telephone the district engineer for a permit. If the request is approved, the district engineer shall contact the police department by telephone and advise them of the emergency operational move.

(d) The applicant shall complete and file a permit application form with the district engineer within five days of the telephone request.

         [Eff MAY 30 1981 (Auth: HRS Sec. 291-36) (Imp: HRS Sec. 291-36)

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