§19-125-3 - Training of new officers

§19-125-3 Training of new officers.

Each county police department shall establish procedures and conduct police traffic services training for all new police officers. Each new police officer shall be required to take a minimum of fifty instructional hours in the following subjects:

(1) Highway transportation system;

(2) State and county motor vehicle laws and ordinances;

(3) Relationship of violations and accidents;

(4) Patrol procedures?

(5) Traffic law enforcement techniques; (6) Arrest procedures;

(7) Laws of evidence;

(8) Traffic direction and control techniques;

(9) Report writing;

(10) Accident investigation;

(11) Police-court relations;

(12) Police driver training; and

(13) First aid.

         [Eff AUG 18 1986 ] (AUth; HRS 5286-8) (Imp: HRS §286-8)

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