§19-125-4 - Training of supervisory personnel

§19-125-4 Training of supervisory personnel.

Each county police department shall establish procedures and conduct advanced traffic supervision training for all supervisory personnel assigned or to be assigned traffic duties. Depending on their specific assignment, appropriate supervisors shall be required to take courses in:

(1) Crash reconstruction techniques;

(2) fcasic traffic engineering for police, including:

(A) Highway design

(B) Traffic control devices

(3) Additional first aid;

(4) Accident record keeping and analysis;

(5) Special equipment training, e.g., chemical test equipment, speed measuring devices, etc.;

(6) Detailed study of the traffic laws;

(7) Speed estimation from physical evidence;

(8) Hit-and-run investigation;

(9) Accident prevention;

(10) Safety education;

(11) Municipal traffic ordinances;

(12) Special events traffic planning and control;

(13) Assistance to motorists; and

(14) Relationship of human factors to highway safety.

         [Eff AUG 18 1986 ] (Auth: HRS §286-8) (Imp: HRS §286-8)

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