§19-125-8 - Accident investigation

§19-125-8 Accident investigation.

(a) Each county police department shall establish procedures for the investigating, recording, and reporting of traffic accidents. The procedures shall require the investigation, recording, and reporting of:

(1) All of the human, vehicular, and highway causative factors of individual accidents, injuries, and deaths, including the failure to use safety belts;

(2) All accidents identified as reportable under section 291C-16, Hawaii Revised Statutes. Information gathered shall be consistent with the police mission of detecting and apprehending law violators and shall include, but not be limited to the following:

(A) Violation, if any occurred, cited by section, subsection, or title of the state or county code, that:

(i) contributed to the accident where the investigating officer has reason to believe that violations were committed regardless of whether the officer has sufficient evidence to prove the violation; and

(ii) For which the driver was arrested or cited.

(B) Information necessary to prove each of the elements of the offense for which the driver was arrested or cited.

(3) The efficiency of post-accident response.

(b) All accident reports submitted to the Department jof Transportation by the county police departments in accordance with section 19-126-4, shall be for confidential use by the department and other state or federal agencies involved in accident prevention programs. No report shall be used for evidence in any trial, civil or criminal, to recover damages for parties involved in an accident.

         [Eff AUG 18 1986 ] (Auth: HRS S286-8) (Imp: HRS S286-8)


The Rules and Regulations Governing Police Traffic Services Procedures, REPEALED [ AUG 18 1986 ]

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