§19-129-20 - Traffic cone application

§19-129-20 Traffic cone application.

Cones shall be spaced approximately sixty feet apart; provided that on tapers and curves of one thousand-foot radius or less, cones shall be set at thirty-foot intervals. Where engineering survey is being performed and the work is confined to an area between traffic lanes, cones shall be placed at spacings of thirty feet, upon the painted stripe the entire distance between the high level warning device required by §19-129-16 and the work site. The work site shall be surrounded by cones- Where engineering survey, service, maintenance, or inspection work is being performed during off-peak hours, does not interfere with traffic movement, and is being performed within a lane in which parking is allowed, cones shall be used to surround the work site.

         [Eff: AUG 26 1982 ] (Auth: HRS §286-8) (Imp: HRS §286-8)

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