§19-129-4 - Use of traffic control devices.

§19-129-4 Use of traffic control devices.

(a) Traffic control devices shall be employed at the site of any construction, maintenance, engineering or any other work where the work may cause a hazanclmne and dangerous traffic conditions which will emdemger passing motorists, pedestrians, or workers on the public streets or highways.

(b) Traffic control devices shall be in place prior to the start of any, construction, maintemence,,

engineering survey, or any other work. They shall remain %in place during the time the obstruction or danger exists, and shall be removed when the obstruction or danger of obstruction is removed or ceases.

(c) where work is performed in stages, there shall be in place only those devices that apply to the conditions and activities present during the stage in progress. Signs shall be covered or set aside out of view of traffic-'at times when they do not describe the activity going on or the condition of the street or highway.

         [Eff: AUG 26 1982 ] (Auth: HRS §286-8) (Imp: HRS §286-8)

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