§19-137-4 - Application requirements for third party examiners.

§19—137-4 Application requirements for third party examiners.

(a) No person shall be certified as a third party examiner unless the applicant satisfies the following qualifications:

(1) Has filed an application in accordance with section 19-L37-5 of this chapter;

(2) Possesses a valid Hawaii driver's license with the classification and endorsements required for operation of the class and type of motor vehicle used in the skill tests to be performed by the applicant;

(3) Has successfully completed a department-approved CDL examiner training course by demonstrating proficiency in the following areas:

(A) A comprehensive understanding of all information in the CDL driver's manual;

(B) A working knowledge of the CDL examiner's manual;

(C) Ability to administer and score correctly each of the CDL skill tests; and

(D) Knowledge of testing site and route requirements.

(4) Has no DUI conviction within three years prior to filing the application;

(5) Has no driver's license suspension, revocation, cancellation or disqualification within three years prior to filing the application;

(6) Is at least 21 years of age and possesses the equivalent of a high school diploma;

(b) Application for a third party examiner certification shall include an abstract and shall be made on a form supplied by the department which shall require the following information:

(1) Full name, residence and business address(es) and telephone number(s);

(2) Driving history, including class of current license and any endorsements, and restrictions;

(3) The class of testing for which the applicant is applying; and

(4) The address of each location where the applicant intends to conduct the skill tests. Include a description of the off-road facilities as well as a map or drawing and written description of the test route that will be used for the on-road portion of the skills test.

        [Eff JUN 15 1991] (Auth: HRS §286-246) (Imp: HRS §286-246)

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