§19-137-5 - Duties and responsibilities of third party examiners.

§19-137-5 Duties and responsibilities of third party examiners.

The duties and responsibilities shall be as follows:

(1) Take part in all department required advanced training courses, workshops, seminars, etc.;

(2) Conduct skill tests in accordance with these requirements and in accordance with chapter 19-122, Hawaii Administrative Rules, provided by the department;

(3) Allow FHWA, its representative, the department, and the county to conduct random examinations, inspections and audits without prior notice;

(4) Allow the department and the county to conduct annual on-site inspections?

(5) Maintain records of all skill tests administered for at least two years. Each record shall include:

(A) Driver applicant's complete name and address;

(B) Driver applicant's social security number and any other driver applicant's license number with the state or jurisdiction that issued the license;

(C) Date the driver applicant took the skill tests;

(D) Test score sheet(s) showing the results of the skill tests?

(E) Record of test receipts and refunds;

(F) Vehicle description, GVWR, license plate number(s) of the motor vehicle(s) used to conduct the testing; and

(G) Copy of the written contract, if applicable, with any person or group of persons being tested, including amounts charged for the various tests;

(6) Be in full compliance with all department rules;

(7) Maintain a copy of the third party examiner's abstract, which must be updated annually? and

(8) Provide to the driver applicant and county examiner where application for skill tests is made, a "notice of pass", indicating that the driver applicant has passed the skill tests. The "notice of pass" shall be provided by the state. The county shall verify the driver applicant's copy of the notice with its copy and require proof of personal identification from the applicant.

        [Eff JUN 15 1991] (Auth: HRS §286-246) (Imp: HRS §286-246)

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