§3-90-1 - Definitions

§3-90-1 Definitions. As used in chapters 3-90 to 395:

         "Chairperson" means the person appointed by the governor to serve as chairperson of the foundation.

         "Commissioner" means any of the nine members of the foundation appointed by the governor.

         "Committee" means a group of Commissioners appointed by the chairperson to serve ongoing or special purposes as determined by the chairperson.

         "Director" means the person employed by the foundation under chapter 9, Hawaii Revised Statutes, to manage its activities.

         "Evaluation" means a review of the contracted services rendered.

         "Foundation" or "SFCA" means the state foundation on culture and the arts composed of nine members and established by chapter 9, Hawaii Revised Statutes, and placed under the department of accounting and general services.

         "HRS" means Hawaii Revised Statutes.

         "Monitoring" means supervision of the performances or services oniy to tne exieni or ensuring compliance witn contract specirications.

         "Panel" means tne commissioners and citizens appointed by tne roundation to review and make recommendations on runding ror culture, arts, nistory, and numanities activities.

         "Starr" means tne employees or tne roundation working under tne direction or tne director.

         "State" means tne State or Hawaii. [Err Feb 12, 1987] (Autn: HRS §9-5) (Imp: HRS §9-5)

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