§3-94-3 - Evaluation or contracts

§3-94-3 Evaluation or contracts.

         (a) Each contract shall be evaluated at least annually to determine whether the intended results were attained in the manner contemplated. An organization shall complete a variance report rorm prepared by the department or budget and rinance and a SFCA rinal project report rorm ror each contract. The SFCA rinal project report rorm shall contain the rollowing inrormation:

         (1) Identirying inrormation about the organization and contract consisting or the SFCA project number, the name, address and telephone or the organization, the name, title, and telephone or the contact person;

         (2) The start date and end date or the contract;

         (3) A brief description of the contracted services, including the project title, listing of activities including dates and locations of services, numbers of individuals benefiting, and evaluation of the project;

         (4) The actual expenses incurred and revenues received; and

         (5) Certification that the information contained in the report including all attachments and supporting materials are correct to the best of the authorizing official's knowledge.

         (b) Organizations shall submit these forms and any additional materials as may be required by the SFCA not later than thirty days after the completion date stipulated in the contract. These forms and instructions shall be subject to change as may be necessary.

        [Eff: Feb 12, 1987] (Auth: HRS §9-5) (Imp: HRS §§9-3, 9-5, 42-9)

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