- Amendments to Chapter 3-111 adopted September 3, 2003 (pdf)

Amendment to Chapter 3-111 Hawai'i Administrative Rules September, 2003

1. A new section 3-111 -28 is added.


An amendment to Chapter 3-111, Hawaii Administrative Rules, on the Summary Page dated September 3, 2003 was adopted on September 3, 2003 following public hearings held on Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai on August 21, 2003, after public notice was given in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin on July 22, 2003.

This admendment shall take effect in ten days after filing with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

Russ K. Saito



Linda Lingle

Governor of Hawai'i



Deputy Attorney General


§3-111-28 Hawai'i State Art Museum. (a) Use of, and activities at, the Hawai'i State Art Museum (museum), located in the No. 1 Capitol District Building (building), shall be governed by the rules of this chapter, however such rules, as applied to the museum, may be waived by the comptroller when in the comptroller's discretion, it would be reasonable to do so in order to promote and accomplish the purposes and goals set with the establishment of the museum.

(b) Use of museum facilities. Further, and consistent with such purposes and goals, the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts (foundation) is to make available, at a reasonable rental fee, for public, private, and community use, the museum facilities and grounds whenever these activities do not interfere with the normal and usual activities of the museum and other occupants of the building.

(c) Fees and service charges. The rental fees and service charges for use of all or part of the museum and its surrounding grounds for public and private functions, shall be according to a schedule of fees and charges as determined by the SFCA Commission.

(d) Other requirements. Applicants shall comply with state laws and county ordinances and agree to assume the cost of repairs for damages, incurred to the building, grounds, and equipment, whether accidental or otherwise, at the time of use. Applicants shall be required to execute a release form as provided by the foundation, releasing the State from any responsibility or claim arising out of injuries or damages, or both, incurred during the use of the building, facilities, or grounds, to conduct applicant's activities.

(e) Loss of rental privileges. Applicants who have outstanding accounts with the foundation, have fraudulently subscribed to erroneous information on the use application form, or have previously misused the building, facilities, or grounds, may be denied use of the museum. [Eff SEP 15 2003 ] (Auth: HRS §26-6) (Imp: HRS §26-6)

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