§8-60-16 - Continuum of alternative placements.

§8-60-16 Continuum of alternative placements. (a) The department shall ensure that a continuum of alternative placements is available to meet the needs of students with disabilities for special education and related services.

(b) The continuum required in subsection (a) shall:

(1) Include the alternative placements listed in the definition of special education under section 8-60-2 (instruction in regular classes, special classes, special schools, home instruction, and instruction in hospitals and institutions); and

(2) Make provision for supplementary services (such as resource room or itinerant instruction) to be provided in conjunction with regular class placement.

[Eff 11/23/09] (Auth: 20 U.S.C. 1412(a)(5); HRS §302A-1112) (Imp: 34 C.F.R. §300.115)


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