§8-60-7 - Extended school year services.

§8-60-7 Extended school year services. (a) General.

(1) The department shall ensure that extended school year services are available as necessary to provide a FAPE, consistent with paragraph (2).

(2) Extended school year services shall be provided only if a student's IEP team determines, on an individual basis, in accordance with sections 8-60-44 through 8-60-48, that the services are necessary for the provision of a FAPE to the student;

(3) In implementing the requirements of this subchapter, the department may not:

(A) Limit extended school year services to particular categories of disability; or

(B) Unilaterally limit the type, amount, or duration of those services.

(b) Definition. The term “extended school year services” means special education and related services that:

(1) Are provided to a student with a disability:

(A) Beyond the normal school year of the department;

(B) In accordance with the student's IEP; and

(C) At no cost to the parents of the student; and

(2) Meet the standards of the department.

[Eff 11/23/09] (Auth: 20 U.S.C. 1412(a)(1); HRS §302A-1112) (Imp: 34 C.F.R. §300.106)

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