Sec. 11-123-4 - Application requirements.

Sec. 11-123-4 Application requirements.

The applicants shall provide the following:

(1) A certified copy of an adoption decree or certificate of adoption;

(2) An affidavit signed by the adoptive parents requesting that the names of the natural parents be shown on the supplementary birth certificate;

(3) An affidavit signed by the natural parents of the adopted person consenting to showing the affiants' name on the supplementary birth certificate;

(4) An order from a court of record authorizing the department of health to open the sealed file containing the original birth certificate of the adopted person, if such records have been sealed; and,

(5) Documents establishing the natural parents if the names of the alleged natural parents, who have consented to having their names entered on the supplementary birth certificate, differ from the names

        [Eff. FEB 19 1981] (Auth: HRS Secs. 321-9, 338-2) (Imp: HRS Sec. 578-14)

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