§19-129-19 - Barricade design and appliceation

§19—129-19 Barricade design and appliceation

(a) Markings for barricade rails and drums shall be reflectorized alternate orange and white stripes.

(b) Beyond a barricade closing one or .more lanes, where it is necessary to confine the traffic to certain lanes for some distance, additional traverse barricades or drums shall be placed at close intervals in the closed lane. These interval shall be approximately one hundred twenty-foot spacings on tangents and curves of more than one thousand-foot radius, and approximately sixty-foot -spacings on curves of one thousand-foot radius or less - As required by the authority, at particularly hazardous locations, a series of Type I or II barricades, cones, or drums shall be set in a longitudinal row along the edge of the closed arwa. Barricades shall be set continuously, and drums and cones shall be set at approximately ten-foot spacings.

         [Eff: AUG 26 1982 ] (Auth: HRS §286-8) (Imp: HRS §286-8)

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