Current through August 30, 2021

01. Violations. It shall be a violation of these rules for any owner or operator to: (7-1-21)T
a. Fail to comply with a permit or authorization, or terms or conditions thereof; (7-1-21)T
b. Fail to comply with applicable standards for water quality; (7-1-21)T
c. Fail to comply with any permit application notification or filing requirement; (7-1-21)T
d. Knowingly make any false statement, representation or certification in any application, report, document or record filed pursuant to these rules, or terms and conditions of an issued permit; (7-1-21)T
e. Falsify, tamper with or knowingly render inaccurate any monitoring device or method required to be maintained or utilized by the terms and conditions of an issued permit; (7-1-21)T
f. Fail to respond to any formal notification of a violation when a response is required; or (7-1-21)T
g. Decommission a well in an unauthorized manner. (7-1-21)T
02. Additional. It shall be a violation of these rules for any person to construct, operate, maintain, convert, plug, decommission or conduct any other activity in a manner which results or may result in the unauthorized injection of a hazardous waste or of a radioactive waste by an injection well. (7-1-21)T
03. Formal Notification. Formal notification of violations may be communicated to the owner or operator with a letter, a notice of violation, a compliance or enforcement order or other appropriate means. (7-1-21)T
04. Enforcement. Violation of any of the provisions of the Injection Well Act (Chapter 39, Title 42, Idaho Code) or of any rule, regulation, standard or criteria pertaining to the Injection Well Act may result in the Director initiating an enforcement action as provided under Chapters 17 and 39, Title 42, Idaho Code. (7-1-21)T


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