Current through August 30, 2021

01. Electrical Cords. Electrical cords must be protected by cord covers or gaffers tape to prevent an electrical or trip hazard. (7-1-21)T
02. Railings and Stairways. No items may be placed on railings or stairways and no persons shall sit or stand on railings or stairways. (7-1-21)T
03. Tossing or Dropping Items. No items may be tossed or dropped over railings or from one level of a facility to another level or to the ground. (7-1-21)T
04. Ingress or Egress. No item, including tables, chairs, exhibits, equipment, materials, and displays shall be located so as to block ingress or egress to any portion of the Chinden Office Complex, or to restrict the flow of individuals or motor vehicles using the facility, or to restrict emergency egress or ingress. (7-1-21)T
05. Attaching, Affixing, Leaning, or Propping Materials. Materials, including posters, placards, banners, signs, displays, including any printed materials, ropes, and chains shall not be affixed on any exterior surface of the Chinden Office Complex not designed for that purpose or on any permanent commemorative installation, post, railing, fence or landscaping, including trees. All posters, placards, banners, signs, and displays must be free-standing or supported by individuals. No items may be leaned or propped against any exterior surface of the Chinden Office Complex or embedded into the ground, including, but not limited to, placement of a stake, post or rod into the ground to support materials. (7-1-21)T
06. Materials Causing Damage to Exterior Surface. Stages, risers, chairs, tables, sound equipment, props, materials, displays, and similar items shall be constructed and used in a manner that will not damage, scratch, dent, dig or tear any surface at the Chinden Office Complex or any systems or utilities of the Chinden Office Complex including, but not limited to, fire suppression systems, storm drains, ventilation systems, and landscape watering systems. (7-1-21)T
07. Distribution of Literature and Printed Material. All literature and printed material must be distributed at no charge. The party distributing literature and printed material shall ensure periodically and at the conclusion of its use of the Chinden Office Complex that such material is not discarded outside of designated trash receptacles. Literature and printed materials shall not be placed on parked vehicles at the Chinden Office Complex. (7-1-21)T
08. Surface Markings. Users shall not use any material to mark on any surface of the Chinden Office Complex including chalk, paint, pens, ink, or dye. (7-1-21)T
09. Removal of Items. All items brought to the Chinden Office Complex by the public shall be removed prior to the expiration of each day's hours of use by the public. Unless items are subject to report and transfer to the state treasurer as unclaimed property pursuant to Idaho law, the Director may authorize disposal of items left at the Chinden Office Complex. (7-1-21)T


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