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The Board may issue a registration as an apprentice to allow a person to engage in any of the practices licensed under Section 54-5815, Idaho Code, while completing the required instructional hours for a license or certificate. An apprentice may only practice under direct supervision as provided below. (7-1-21)T

01. Application and Qualifications. An applicant must submit a completed application on a form approved by the Board, pay the required fee, and meet the following qualifications: (7-1-21)T
a. Be at least sixteen and one-half (16 ½) years of age; (7-1-21)T
b. Have successfully completed at least two (2) years of high school or have attained an equivalent education as determined by the Board as evidenced in a manner identified in Subsection 300.01 of these rules; (7-1-21)T
c. Have certification from the establishment that the applicant is enrolled as an apprentice in the establishment; (7-1-21)T
d. Identify the names and license numbers of the licensed cosmetologists, electrologists, estheticians, and nail technicians employed in the establishment in which the applicant will serve as an apprentice; and (7-1-21)T
e. Identify the name(s) and license number(s) of the licensed instructors who will instruct the applicant during the apprenticeship. (7-1-21)T
02. Instruction. The instructor for any apprenticeship must submit to the Board a curriculum for the entire course of apprenticeship instruction. The Board must approve the curriculum prior to the beginning of instruction. The curriculum must cover the subjects relating to the profession for which the apprentice is pursuing licensure as set forth in Section 54-5815(1)(g), Idaho Code. (7-1-21)T
03. Supervision. There must be at least one (1) licensed instructor and one (1) separate supervising licensee for each apprentice in the establishment at all times when an apprentice is being trained, except that an electrology apprentice may be supervised solely by the electrology instructor. (7-1-21)T
a. The instructor must be licensed to teach the profession for which the registrant is pursuing licensure and the supervising licensee must be licensed to practice the profession for which the apprentice is pursuing licensure. (7-1-21)T
b. An instructor may not train more than three (3) currently registered apprentices, except that an electrology instructor may not train more than one (1) currently registered electrology apprentice. (7-1-21)T
c. An establishment may not have more than six (6) currently registered apprentices, unless otherwise approved by the Board. (7-1-21)T
d. An establishment or an instructor under current discipline may not supervise an apprentice. (7-1-21)T
e. An apprentice shall not be permitted to render any clinical service to patrons until the apprentice has completed at least five percent (5%) of the required hours of instruction. (7-1-21)T
04. Recordkeeping. Establishments employing an apprentice shall keep a daily work record of the attendance of the apprentice and a record of the types of instruction given and the work performed by the apprentice as set forth below. (7-1-21)T
a. An apprentice must be given monthly progress records, and the monthly record shall be signed and dated by the apprentice and the instructor. The establishment shall maintain the records for a period of five (5) years following completion or termination of the apprentice instruction. (7-1-21)T
b. When an apprentice's course of instruction has been completed or terminated, the completed operations and number of hours of instruction are to be recorded by the establishment on the Record of Instruction Form. The instructor must submit the Record of Instruction to the Board within fourteen (14) days of the completion of the apprenticeship. The establishment must maintain a copy of the Record of Instruction for a period of five (5) years from completion or termination date. (7-1-21)T
c. Attendance, instruction, and work records must be kept in the establishment in which the apprentice is employed. (7-1-21)T
d. Apprenticeship records are subject to inspection by the Board at any time. (7-1-21)T
05. Termination of Registration. A registration as an apprentice is valid from the date of issuance until the apprentice is no longer enrolled as an apprentice in the establishment identified on the apprentice's application. (7-1-21)T
a. When an apprentice discontinues a course of study, the establishment must complete a Record of Instruction Form with the total number of hours worked and the types of instruction given to the apprentice. The Record of Instruction Form must be submitted to the Board within thirty (30) days of the discontinuance of the apprenticeship. If an apprentice discontinues a course of instruction and does not transfer to another salon within sixty (60) days, the apprentice registration is automatically canceled and is to be submitted to the Board along with the Record of Instruction. (7-1-21)T
b. When an establishment where apprentices are being trained ceases operation as an establishment, the establishment must submit the records of instruction for each apprentice to the Board within thirty (30) days. (7-1-21)T
c. An apprentice who has discontinued a course of study must apply for and be granted a new registration under Subsection 550.01 of these rules, prior to resuming instruction. (7-1-21)T
06. Out of State Apprenticeship. An applicant who has received instruction as an apprentice in another state must file with the Board a copy of the record of instruction from the out of state apprenticeship. For purposes of this section, the record of instruction will be a statement which gives detailed information regarding operations and hours of instruction, and which is to be verified by the licensing agency or instructor(s) in the state in which the instruction was obtained. (7-1-21)T
07. Apprenticeship Length. An apprenticeship registration must not exceed the following lengths of time: (7-1-21)T
a. Barber: fifty-seven (57) weeks; (7-1-21)T
b. Barber-Stylist: ninety-four (94) weeks; (7-1-21)T
c. Cosmetologist: one hundred four (104) weeks; (7-1-21)T
d. Estheticians/Electrologist: thirty-eight (38) weeks; (7-1-21)T
e. Nail Technicians: twenty-five (25) weeks. (7-1-21)T


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