Current through August 30, 2021

Licensure to practice nursing is not necessary, nor is the practice of nursing prohibited for persons exempted by the Board including: (7-1-21)T

01. Technicians and Technologists. Technicians and technologists who comply with Section 491 of these rules. (7-1-21)T
02. Non-Resident Nurses. Non-resident nurses currently licensed in good standing in another nursing jurisdiction, who are in Idaho on a temporary basis because of enrollment in or presentation of a short term course of instruction recognized or approved by the Board and who are performing functions incident to formal instruction. (7-1-21)T
03. Family Members and Others. (7-1-21)T
a. Family members providing care to a person to whom they are related by blood, marriage, adoption, legal guardianship or licensed foster care. (7-1-21)T
b. Non-family members who provide gratuitous care to a person on a temporary basis in order to give respite to family members who regularly provide care to that person. (7-1-21)T
c. Live-in domestics, housekeepers and companions provided they do not represent themselves as, nor receive compensation as, licensed nurses or other nursing care providers and so long as any health care provided is incidental to the services for which they are employed. (7-1-21)T
04. Nurse Apprentice. A nurse apprentice is a nursing student or recent graduate who is employed for remuneration in a non-licensed capacity outside the student role by a Board approved health care agency. (7-1-21)T
a. Applicants for nurse apprentice must: (7-1-21)T
i. Be enrolled in an accredited/approved nursing education program that is substantially equivalent to Idaho's approved programs for practical/registered nursing. (7-1-21)T
ii. Be in good academic standing at the time of application and notify the Board of any change in academic standing. (7-1-21)T
iii. Meet the employing agency's health care skills validation requirements. (7-1-21)T
iv. Satisfactorily complete a basic nursing fundamentals course. (7-1-21)T
v. Use obvious designations that identify the applicant as a nurse apprentice. (7-1-21)T
b. A completed application for nurse apprentice consists of: (7-1-21)T
i. Completed application form provided by the Board; and (7-1-21)T
ii. Verification of satisfactory completion of a basic nursing fundamentals course; and (7-1-21)T
iii. Validation of successful demonstration of skills from a nursing education program; and (7-1-21)T
iv. Verification of good academic standing. (7-1-21)T
c. An individual whose application is approved will be issued a letter identifying the individual as a nurse apprentice for a designated time period to extend not more than three (3) months after successful completion of the nursing education program. (7-1-21)T
d. A nurse apprentice may, under licensed registered nurse supervision, perform all functions approved by the Board for unlicensed assistive personnel as set forth in Section 490 of these rules. (7-1-21)T
05. Employer Application. (7-1-21)T
a. Health care agencies wishing to employ nurse apprentices are to complete an application form provided by the Board that consists of: (7-1-21)T
i. Job descriptions for apprentice; (7-1-21)T
ii. A written plan for orientation and skill validation; (7-1-21)T
iii. The name of the licensed registered nurse who is accountable and responsible for the coordination or management of the nurse apprentice program; (7-1-21)T
iv. Assurance that a licensed registered nurse is readily available when nurse apprentice is working; (7-1-21)T
v. A written procedure for the nurse apprentice who is asked to perform a task that could jeopardize a patient and who declines to perform the task; and (7-1-21)T
vi. A fee of one hundred dollars ($100). (7-1-21)T
b. Following application review, the Board may grant approval to a health care agency to employ nurse apprentices for a period of up to one (1) year. (7-1-21)T
c. To ensure continuing compliance with Board requirements, each approved agency submits an annual report to the Board on forms provided by the Board. Based on its findings, the Board may grant continuing approval annually for an additional one (1) year period. (7-1-21)T
d. At any time, if the employing agency fails to inform the Board of changes in conditions upon which approval was based or otherwise fails to comply with established requirements, the Board may notify the agency of withdrawal of approval. (7-1-21)T


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