As used in this chapter: (1-1-94)

01. Duly Constituted Water Ski School. A profit-making business that files Idaho income tax returns in accordance with the Idaho Income Tax Act (Title 63, Chapter 30, Idaho Code) substantiating that instruction of water ski students for the making of a profit is or was being performed by the instructor. (1-1-94)

02. Lifeboat. A vessel that: (7-1-93)

a. Is owned by the owner of a vessel for which a valid certificate of number has been issued; (7-1-93)

b. Is kept with the numbered vessel during normal operation of the numbered vessel; and (7-1-93)

c. Is used solely in life threatening situations. (7-1-93)

03. Motorboat. Any vessel propelled by machinery, which is powered by an energy source other than human effort, whether or not such machinery is the principal source of propulsion. (7-1-93)

04. Sailboat. Any vessel equipped with mast(s) and sail(s), dependent upon the wind to propel the vessel in the normal course of operation of the vessel. (1-1-94)

05. Sailboard. A surfboard type sailboat with no freeboard and using a triangular sail on a swivel mounted mast not secured to a hull by guys or stays. (7-1-93)

06. Tender. A vessel equipped with propulsion machinery of less than ten (10) horsepower that: (7-1-93)

a. Is owned by the owner of a vessel for which a valid certificate of number has been issued; (7-1-93)

b. Displays the number of that numbered vessel followed by the suffix "1"; and (7-1-93)

c. Is used for direct transportation between the numbered vessel and the shore and for no other purpose. (7-1-93)

07. Watercraft. Those devices designed as a means of transportation on water. The following devices are not considered watercraft: (7-1-93)

a. Diver's aids operated and designed primarily to propel a diver below the surface of the water; and (7-1-93)

b. Non-motorized devices not designed as a means of transportation on water, such as inflatable air mattresses, single inner tubes, and beach and water toys. (3-23-98)

c. Float houses as defined in Section 67-7003(8), Idaho Code. (3-23-98)

08. Whistle or Horn. Any sound producing appliance capable of producing the prescribed blasts and which complies with the specifications of 33 U.S.C. Section 2001 et seq. and 33 CFR Section 86.01 et seq. (1-1-94)

09. Other Definitions. Other definitions set forth in the Idaho Safe Boating Act (Title 67, Chapter 70, Idaho Code) are incorporated herein by reference. (7-1-93)

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