The following vessels are exempt from the numbering provisions of Title 67, Chapter 70, Idaho Code, pursuant to Section 67-7009(5), Idaho Code: (7-1-93)

01. Rowboats. Rowboats without motors; (7-1-93)

02. Canoes. Canoes without motors; (7-1-93)

03. Kayaks. Kayaks without motors; (7-1-93)

04. Inflatables. Inflatable vessels without motors; (7-1-93)

05. Paddle Vessels. Paddle vessels without motors; (7-1-93)

06. Sailboards. Sailboards without motors; (7-1-93)

07. Tenders. Tenders; (7-1-93)

08. Documented Vessels. Vessels properly documented with the U.S. Coast Guard, according to 46 U.S.C. 12101 et seq.; and (3-23-98)

09. Government Vessels. Vessels exempted in Section 67-7009(3), Idaho Code, include those vessels owned by the United States, another state or a political subdivision thereof, which are used principally for governmental purposes other than recreation, and which are clearly identifiable as a government-owned vessel. (7-1-93)

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