The following definitions are used in this title and chapter: (7-1-93)

01. Customer. A "customer" is a person or entity who has requested service or currently receives service from a telephone company or has assumed responsibility for payment of service provided to another person or entity. Any person whose service has been temporarily disconnected for non-payment will continue to be a "customer" for the purposes of these rules until such time as service is permanently disconnected. (3-29-10)

02. Local Exchange Company (LEC). "Local exchange company" (LEC) is a telephone company providing local exchange service to end-users. (3-29-10)

03. Message Telecommunications Service (MTS). "MTS" (commonly known as "long-distance service") means the transmission of two-way interactive switched voice communication between local exchange areas. (3-29-10)

04. Other Services. "Other services" mean all services except local exchange and MTS services provided, billed, or collected by a telephone company. (1-1-95)

05. Residential Service. "Residential service" means telecommunication service furnished and maintained at a dwelling primarily for personal or domestic purposes and not for business, professional or institutional purposes, i.e., service provided to residential customers as defined in Section 62-603(9), Idaho Code. (3-29-10)

06. Small Business Service. "Small business service" means telecommunication service furnished to a business or institutional entity, whether an individual, partnership, corporation, association or other business or institutional form, for occupational, professional, or institutional purposes, to customers who do not subscribe to more than five (5) local access lines which are billed to a single billing location, i.e., service provided to small business customers as defined in Section 62-603(11), Idaho Code. (3-29-10)

07. Telephone Company. Unless further restricted by definition within a rule or a group of rules, "telephone company" means any entity subject to this Commission's regulation as a provider of telecommunication services to end-users under the Public Utilities Law (Idaho Code, Title 61, Chapters 1-7) or subject to this Commission's authority under the Telecommunications Act of 1988, as amended, (Idaho Code, Title 62, Chapter 6) or the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 ( 47 U.S.C. 151 et seq). (3-29-10)

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