Sec. 1314.200 - Film Recordings

ยง 1314.200. Film Recordings

a) All race track operators shall take and make at their own expense a complete recording of all races run. The number and location of recording stations, the type of equipment used, and the quality of the image must be satisfactory to the state steward. The state steward shall certify to the Board, three days prior to the opening of any meeting, in writing, that he approved the recording system, and believes it to be adequate. No system shall be so certified unless it can deliver the recording of the race within two minutes of the finish of that race.

b) These recordings shall be under the control of the state steward and shall not be shown to other persons without his permission. The race track operator shall hold all recordings from one year from the final date of the race meeting at which they are made. Race track operators shall hold for five years, all recordings in which there are infractions or claims of foul and such other recordings as the state steward shall designate.

c) In order to educate and protect the drivers, race track operators shall provide facilities where recordings may be shown to the drivers.

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