Sec. 1314.40 - Postponement Procedure

ยง 1314.40. Postponement Procedure

a) Early closing races, stakes and futurities shall be postponed to a definite hour the next fair day and good track.

b) Any late closing race, early closing race, stake or futurity (except as provided in subparagraph c below) that cannot be raced during the scheduled meeting shall be declared off and the entrance money and forfeits shall be divided equally among the nominators who have horses declared in and eligible to start.

c) Unless otherwise provided in the conditions, in order to transfer stakes and futurities to another meeting, unanimous consent must be obtained from the track and from all those having eligibles in the event.

d) Overnight events may be postponed and carried over not to exceed two racing days.

e) At the option of management, any postponed races may be contested in single mile dashes. Where races are postponed under this rule, management shall have the privilege of selecting the order in which the events will be raced in any combined program.

f) Any stake or futurity that has been started and remains unfinished on the last day of the scheduled meeting shall be declared ended and the full purse divided according to the summary except where the Board allows the track to extend the meeting to complete the race.

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