Sec. 1770.150 - Sales, Inspection, Compensation, and Ticket Purchases

ยง 1770.150. Sales, Inspection, Compensation, and Ticket Purchases

a) Except as provided in Sections 1770.140 and 1770.145 or pursuant to special license, tickets shall be sold only to purchasers physically present on the premises at the specific location named in the license.

b) All ticket sales shall be final, and no licensed agent is authorized to accept ticket returns except as otherwise provided in this Part or with the specific approval of the Superintendent.

c) Authorized inspectors of the Department may inspect the business premises of any licensed agent at any time during normal business hours. The inspections may be made without prior notice to the licensed agent.

d) A licensed agent is entitled to a commission for tickets sold by the licensed agent, as well as a bonus for winning tickets sold or redeemed by the licensed agent, at the rate or rates established by the Lottery's Private Manager and approved by the Superintendent.

e) The Private Manager, with approval of the Superintendent, may award additional cash bonuses or other incentives from time to time to licensed sales agents. Licensed sales agents shall be notified of any bonuses or incentives by means of an agent newsletter or other similar agent circular distributed by the Private Manager or via electronic messaging through the licensed agent's Lottery sales terminal.

f) Each licensed agent shall deposit proceeds from licensed Lottery ticket sales, minus the commissions and bonuses earned and money paid to winners of prizes (Lottery proceeds), to a Lottery Trust Fund Account in a bank or other financial institution. Lottery proceeds must be kept separate and apart from other business or personal funds and must be segregated as a trust fund on behalf of the Lottery [20 ILCS 1605/10.3].

g) All game tickets accepted by an agent remain the property of the Department until the tickets are sold and the proceeds remitted to the Department. Any unsold tickets not returned to the Department upon demand shall be considered purchased by the licensed sales agent and the purchase price of the tickets, less appropriate deductions, shall be immediately due and payable to the Department. The licensed sales agent is responsible for lost, stolen or missing tickets not returned, except as provided in Section 1770.120(a).


Amended at 36 Ill. Reg. 14356, effective September 14, 2012


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