Sec. 1770.170 - Lottery Games

ยง 1770.170. Lottery Games

a) The Superintendent may authorize instant ticket games in which winners are determined by matching certain of the numbers, letters, characters, words or symbols as provided by the rules of the game. Instant game rules may also provide for preliminary and grand prize drawings. Preliminary drawings will be from those tickets eligible for entry into the preliminary drawing and submitted to the Department in the manner and by the deadline provided by the rules for the game. Grand prize drawings shall be conducted pursuant to the rules of the game, and copies of written procedures to be followed at grand prize drawings will be furnished each finalist prior to a drawing.

b) The Department may offer passive Lottery games with pre-printed tickets bearing pre-assigned numbers, letters, characters, words or symbols. Winners in these games shall be determined either by the results of future events or by the random selection of numbers, words or symbols at publicly held drawings. Tickets matching the numbers, words or symbols drawn shall entitle the ticket holder to the prize indicated on the ticket, in accordance with the prize structure established by the game rules.

c) The Department may offer computer operated games in which players are permitted to purchase tickets bearing player-selected numbers, letters, characters, words or symbols or computer selected numbers, letters, characters, words or symbols, as provided by the rules of the game, for drawings that are regularly scheduled in accordance with game rules. With respect to these games, the Superintendent shall conduct drawings using air-driven or gravity selection equipment (including but not limited to, devices utilizing air-driven ball selection, gravity mixing chamber ball selection, spinning wheel and ball selection or similar equipment, and utilizing either hollow or solid balls appropriate to the type of equipment utilized), or utilizing a computerized random selection program. In the case of drawings conducted using air-driven or gravity selection equipment, drawings shall be by random selection in the presence of a certified public accountant or other independent party who will monitor the integrity of the drawing procedure. For any game utilizing computerized random selection, the selection program will be subject to a software acceptance test by the Department prior to implementation.

d) Players holding tickets with numbers, letters, characters, words or symbols corresponding to those drawn in a game, or that, in combination with those drawn, meet the criteria for prize award set forth in game rules, shall be entitled to prizes in the amounts set forth in game rules established by the Superintendent.


Amended at 36 Ill. Reg. 14356, effective September 14, 2012


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