Sec. 1770.20 - Selection of Lottery Sales Agents; License Application and Fee; On-Line Status

ยง 1770.20. Selection of Lottery Sales Agents; License Application and Fee; On-Line Status

a) The Superintendent shall license as licensed sales agents persons engaged in business activity dealing with the public, provided that the sole proprietors, partners, corporate officers or principals of an applicant must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible to apply for a license. The total number of licensed sales agents shall be sufficient to assure that Lottery products are conveniently available to the public throughout the State, consistent with the constraints of the Department's budget. Any person interested in obtaining a license as a licensed sales agent must first complete an application with the Department on forms provided by the Department. The Department will have a representative meet with the applicant to discuss the responsibilities of selling Lottery products and to gather information concerning the applicant and his or her business establishment considering the factors listed in this subsection (a). The Superintendent shall give careful consideration to the following factors in selecting as licensed sales agents those persons that one may expect to provide a high level of sales volume of Lottery products, proper security for the Lottery equipment, tickets and money, and a good public image for the State's Lottery products:

1) The credit worthiness and financial responsibility of the applicant as disclosed by standard credit reporting services, the records of the State, and such other credible information bearing upon the credit worthiness of the applicant as may be brought to the attention of the Superintendent;

2) The criminal history and tax status of the applicant as disclosed in the application or in records of the State;

3) The physical security of the applicant's establishment in terms of the physical structure and design of the applicant's facilities as it would relate to the placement of Lottery equipment, the sale of Lottery products and the storage of Lottery receipts;

4) The public accessibility of the applicant's place of business or activity, including accessibility from roads, major highways, parking facilities and public transit routes, accessibility by the disabled, proximity of pedestrian traffic, hours of operation of applicant's business, and the cleanliness, attractiveness and physical security of the premises;

5) The number of existing Lottery sales licenses in the vicinity;

6) The nature of the applicant's business and the volume of the applicant's sales from his or her regular business in order to assure that the sale of Lottery products will be ancillary to the applicant's regular business;

7) The level of anticipated or projected sales from the general area in which the applicant's business is located, taking into consideration the demographics of the neighborhood or locality, the proximity of the location to population centers and the average sales for other comparable agents;

8) The character of the applicant and his or her reputation for honesty and integrity in the community;

9) The veracity of the information supplied in the license application;

10) The merchandising skills and business experience of the applicant, including the tenure of applicant's business at the proposed location;

11) Any information relating to these listed factors that the applicant provides to the Department's representative at the time of the site visit or at the time of submission of the application.

b) The Superintendent shall make available forms for application for licensing as a Lottery retailer. Each license application shall be accompanied by a non-refundable $50 application fee and shall be mailed or delivered to the Office of the Superintendent at:

Department of the Lottery

Licensing Unit

101 West Jefferson Street, MC5-940

Springfield, Illinois 62794-9015


c) The license fee described in subsection (b) may be waived by the Department if the period of the license does not exceed 30 days and no new background checks are required for the applicants.

d) The Superintendent may grant a licensed sales agent on-line status based upon an evaluation conducted by an employee of the Department. The evaluation will include, but shall not be limited to:

1) Financial responsibility;

2) Proximity to existing on-line sales agents;

3) Ability to pay valid winning tickets;

4) Days and hours of operation;

5) Accessibility of the sales agent's place of business, including available parking, proximity of public transit stops and accessibility by the disabled; and

6) Anticipated volume of on-line sales.

e) Each Lottery sales agent granted on-line status pursuant to this Section must pay a fee of $10 per week as partial reimbursement for communications charges incurred by the Department in providing access to the Department's central gaming system. [20 ILCS 1605/10.2]


Amended at 36 Ill. Reg. 14356, effective September 14, 2012


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