Sec. 1770.240 - Voluntary Self-exclusion Program

ยง 1770.240. Voluntary Self-exclusion Program

Any individual wishing to reduce his or her incentive to purchase Illinois Lottery tickets may do so by participating in a voluntary self-exclusion program.

a) In order to participate in the voluntary self-exclusion program, an individual must complete a self-exclusion agreement as set forth in Appendix B of this Part, sign the agreement in the presence of a notary public, and mail or otherwise deliver the signed and notarized agreement to the Illinois Lottery's Claims Unit at 101 West Jefferson, MC5-915, Springfield, Illinois 62702. The form may be obtained in person or by mail from any Lottery office or may be downloaded and printed from the Lottery's website.

b) Upon receipt of the signed and notarized document, the Illinois Lottery will add the individual's identifying information to its confidential database of persons prohibited from receiving payment of prizes through the Lottery's regional prize payment facilities or central office.

c) Upon receipt of a voluntary self-exclusion agreement, the Lottery will take all reasonable steps, including but not limited to providing the enrollee's name and address to advertising and public relations firms retained by the Lottery and to staff in charge of in-house e-mail and fax lists, to remove the self-exclusion program enrollee from existing promotional mailing lists, electronic distribution lists or other promotional listings, and to prevent the inclusion of the individual's name in any promotional listings that may be created in the future.

d) All Illinois Lottery prizes that are unclaimed as a result of the voluntary self-exclusion program shall be handled in the same manner as other unclaimed prizes and may be included in the prize pool of such special drawing or drawings as the Department may, from time to time, designate. All unclaimed prize money not included in the prize pool of a special drawing shall be transferred to the Common School Fund. [20 ILCS 1605/19]

e) Removal from Self-Exclusion List

1) Upon the expiration of 5 years from the date of placement on the Lottery's voluntary self-exclusion list, an individual may request that he or she be removed from the list based upon the elimination of a mental health or medical condition underlying the person's acknowledgment that he or she was a problem gambler and unable to gamble responsibly. The request for removal from the self-exclusion list must be in writing, be addressed to the Superintendent at the Lottery's central office in Springfield, and include the following:

A) Information as to treatment received for the person's gambling problem, length of treatment, and names and qualifications of treatment providers.

B) A waiver of liability of the Department, its agents and the State of Illinois for any damages that might arise out of any act or omission committed by the person as a consequence of his or her removal from the Lottery's voluntary self-exclusion list, including any monetary or other damages sustained in connection with the person's renewal of Lottery ticket purchases or redemptions.

C) The requestor's name, address and taxpayer identification number and notarized signature (subscribed and sworn).

2) A decision whether to remove a person from the self-exclusion list shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent, and the Superintendent shall not rule on a request for removal from the voluntary self-exclusion list until all of the requirements of this subsection (e) are met. Written notification of the determination will be sent to the requestor by certified mail.

f) Any information as to mental health or medical conditions received pursuant to this Section will be maintained pursuant to the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act [740 ILCS 110] and other applicable federal and State laws.


Added at 32 Ill. Reg. 14888, effective August 28, 2008


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