Sec. 213.20 - Definitions

ยง 213.20. Definitions

"Comparative Handle Calendar Year" - the calendar year that is being analyzed for purposes of determining the recapture amount. The comparative handle calendar year is always compared to calendar year 1994.

"Purse Recapture" - the amounts certified and authorized by the Board to be deducted by each qualified wagering facility from amounts payable to purses at the licensee's affiliated racetrack.

"Purse Recapture Reimbursement" - the amount appropriated by the Illinois General Assembly from the General Revenue Fund to the Department of Agriculture for payment or credit to the racetrack purse accounts, in accordance with the Board's certification of the purse recapture.

"Purse Recapture Certification" - the Board's written notification of the amounts of purse recapture in which qualified wagering facilities are entitled to deduct from amounts payable to purses. The certification shall be issued or published no later than January 31 of the year succeeding the comparative handle calendar year.

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