Sec. 300.10 - General

ยง 300.10. General

a) No person shall wager after the start of a race.

b) Each licensee shall provide an information window. A complete and current Board rulebook shall be available for public inspection during racing hours at each information window.

c) No licensee shall permit any minor to purchase or cash pari-mutuel tickets. Minors shall be prohibited from all mutuel windows.

d) Each mutuel department employee shall wear on his/her person, in plain view, a name badge.

e) A summary explanation of pari-mutuel wagering shall be published in the official program for each race program. The official Board rules relative to each type of pari-mutuel pool offered shall be published in the official program on each day that type of pool is offered.

f) Unless expressly noted within specific wagering pool rules, refunds shall be granted on all valid wagers when a race is canceled or declared "no contest".

g) The host track and/or organization licensee shall be responsible for the closing of wagering on each contest after which time no pari-mutuel wagers shall be accepted for that contest. Each licensed facility not utilizing the host track's totalizator vendor shall be responsible for the close of wagering at its own facility.

h) The host track and/or organization licensee shall have a qualified individual representing its pari-mutuel department at its totalizator computer system hub (host) at all times it conducts the pari-mutuel system of wagering.

i) The organization licensee and/or Illinois host track shall provide, electronically within 24 hours, a summary of pari-mutuel operations report, in a format prescribed by the State Director of Mutuels, to the Board as the original record of wagering activities on that race program.

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