Sec. 300.30 - Pari-Mutuel Tickets

ยง 300.30. Pari-Mutuel Tickets

a) A valid pari-mutuel ticket shall contain the following imprinted information:

1) the name of the organization or track conducting the races;

2) the name of the licensee issuing the ticket;

3) the name of the Illinois host track;

4) a unique identifying number or code;

5) identification of the terminal at which the ticket was issued;

6) a designation of the performance for which the wagering transaction was issued;

7) the contest number for which the pool is conducted;

8) the type or types of wagers represented;

9) the number or numbers representing the betting interests for which the wager is recorded; and

10) the amount or amounts of the contributions to the pari-mutuel pool or pools for which the ticket is evidence.

b) To prevent re-entry in the pari-mutuel system for duplicate cashing, each cashed or refunded ticket shall be marked to indicate that it has been cashed or refunded. The manner in which cashed or refunded tickets are marked shall not destroy the identity of the ticket.

c) No claims for lost pari-mutuel tickets shall be considered. Mutilated or altered pari-mutuel tickets shall not be accepted for payment.

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