Sec. 300.40 - Pari-Mutuel Wagers

ยง 300.40. Pari-Mutuel Wagers

a) All organization, intertrack and intertrack wagering location licensees shall offer the same types of pari-mutuel pools and minimum pari-mutuel prices at both manned and unmanned terminals, unless specifically restricted by Board rule (e.g., tickets may not be exchanged at unmanned ticket issuing machines).

b) All intertrack wagering facilities shall establish and maintain minimum purchase prices of pari-mutuel wagers that are the same as those offered by the organization licensee providing the simulcast.

c) All organization licensees shall require out-of-state wagering facilities to maintain the same minimum purchase prices of pari-mutuel wagers established for Illinois licensees. If it is determined that an out-of-state wagering facility has not maintained the same minimum purchase price of pari-mutuel wagers, the organization licensee shall be subject to civil penalties pursuant to Section 5/9(l) of the Act [230 ILCS 5/9(l)]. This Section shall apply only to organization licensees conducting commingled or combined wagering pools with out-of-state wagering facilities.

d) All intertrack wagering facilities shall offer the same pari-mutuel pools as offered by the organization providing the simulcast.


Amended at 23 Ill. Reg. 13935, effective November 2, 1999


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