Sec. 314.10 - General

ยง 314.10. General

a) The PPT (perfecta, perfecta, trifecta) requires the selection of the first two finishers in each of two designated contests and the first three finishers of a third designated contest, in exact order.

b) PPT wagers shall be calculated in an entirely separate pool.

c) An organization licensee offering the PPT wager may rename the wager so long as the name adopted by the organization licensee remains the same throughout the race meet.

d) Entries and fields shall be allowed in the two designated perfecta contests without restriction. Entries and fields shall be allowed in the designated trifecta contest only in accordance with Section 306.20.

e) The minimum field requirements set forth in Section 306.30 for trifectas shall apply to the designated trifecta contest of the PPT.

f) In the event the organization licensee prohibits perfecta wagering pursuant to 11 Ill. Adm. Code 300.80(c), all PPT wagers shall be refunded.

g) Each PPT contest shall be clearly designated in the official program.

h) An organization licensee may offer only one PPT wager per program.


Amended at 22 Ill. Reg. 2221, effective January 1, 1998


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