Sec. 528.110 - Data for Reports to the General Assembly

ยง 528.110. Data for Reports to the General Assembly

a) In determining whether the film tax credit program is effective in creating jobs in Illinois, the Department is responsible for determining the overall success of the program. Correspondingly, on a quarterly basis, the Department is required to advise the Illinois General Assembly of the film tax credit program's economic impact with respect to the types of jobs created, the amount and type of expenditures made in Illinois, and whether the human infrastructure of the motion picture industry reflects the diversity of the State. Each report to the General Assembly will provide an overall view of the Illinois film industry with respect to the jobs created and expenditures made for the requisite quarter. In order to satisfy this requirement, each applicant will be required to use its best efforts in submitting information pertaining to the following.

1) Types of jobs created:

A) Number of entry level positions;

B) Number of management related positions;

C) Number of talent positions;

D) Number of production staff and crew; and

E) Number of vendor related positions.

2) Illinois expenditures: The amount of expenditures attributable to:

A) Labor;

B) Vendors; and

C) Other Illinois productions spending.

3) Data or documentation submitted to the Department in connection with the achievement of, or good-faith efforts to achieve, the goals outlined in the diversity plan.

b) At the end of each fiscal year, the Department must submit to the General Assembly a report that includes, without limitation, the following information:

1) an identification of each material vendor that provided goods or services that were included in an accredited production's Illinois production spending;

2) the amount paid to each identified material vendor by the accredited production;

3) for each identified material vendor, a statement as to whether the vendor is a minority owned business or a female owned business, as defined under Section 2 of the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Females, and Persons with Disabilities Act, which the Department will determine by comparing the vendors it has identified as providing goods or services that were included in an accredited production's Illinois production spending with the database of minority owned businesses and female owned businesses maintained by the Department of Central Management Services; and

4) a description of any steps taken by the Department to encourage accredited productions to use vendors who are a minority owned business or a female owned business. (Section 45(c) of the Act)


Added at 31 Ill. Reg. 2253, effective January 18, 2007


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