Sec. 528.62 - Economic Impact Data

ยง 528.62. Economic Impact Data

The applicant or its representative shall use its best efforts in submitting its economic information to the Department related to the following:

a) Jobs Created and Retained. This information shall document the number of jobs created and retained for production, talent and vendor type jobs. Additionally, with respect to the production type of jobs, the applicant must use its best efforts to supply information disclosing the number of production type jobs created and/or retained and whether the production type jobs were entry, management or skilled labor.

b) Production Costs. This information shall document the amount of production costs in various industries in Illinois. Industry production costs include, but are not limited to, vendor expenditures for catering, dry cleaning, janitorial services, maid services, security, transportation, etc.


Amended at 37 Ill. Reg. 12010, effective July 12, 2013


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